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Interesting Landscapes

This space is reserved for the strange and glorious world around us


Sequia Tree in Oregon


Recipe of the Week!

Foods from Readers All Over the World!

What is a "Kolache"?

While wandering around the St. Louis County area in search of something out of the usual to eat, we bumped into a restaurant that serves a unique cuisine. A Kolache is a yeast bread roll filled with whatever delicious additive you choose. A Kolache can be a main course or a dessert, depending on your preference. Our choises were absolutely delicious and the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Why not give them a try! 


Lovin' Our Animal Friends!


Male Kudo Antelope



Interesting Stuff from Our Readers!



Particles of Sand -

Magnified 300-600 times it's size


Wonderous Wheels!


My buddy Clyde, and his other brother Clyde!


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