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God's Stranger Creations from Around the World!

Trinity College Old Library

Dublin, Ireland


Interesting Landscapes

This space is reserved for the strange and glorious world around us


Taominia, Sicily


Interesting Stuff from Our Readers!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

A 42 year-old woman in Uganda


We Did This To Ourselves!

Stay focused on the job!

Things are amuck in our government today. 

 There are a significant amount of voters in this country pushing to change the rule of law with the goal of a Socialist government. And, there is a significant amount of "Trumpsters" who wish to drain the swamp and eradicate the evil forces of corruption from the elected leadership at all levels of government.

We wonder how everything has become such a mess.

Well my friends, we did it to ourselves.


Recipe of the Week!

Foods from Readers All Over the World!


Back in the day, the talented cook used guidance for recipe perfection. That resource was known as a recipe box. The following additions were discovered in the

"Dinner is Served" 1972 Collection

Why not try the very best of our Mothers and Grandmothers treasured recipes from yester-year on your family dinner table!






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