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Odd Creations from Around the World!


A perfectly FLAT school hallway -

designed to keep chiildren from running in the hallway!


Interesting Landscapes

This space is reserved for the strange and glorious world around us


A Bamboo Forest in Japan


Recipe of the Week!

Foods from Readers All Over the World!

What is a "Kolache"?

While wandering around the St. Louis County area in search of something out of the usual to eat, we bumped into a restaurant that serves a unique cuisine. A Kolache is a yeast bread roll filled with whatever delicious additive you choose. A Kolache can be a main course or a dessert, depending on your preference. Our choises were absolutely delicious and the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Why not give them a try! 


Lovin' Our Animal Friends!

Nature at It's Finest Moments



Do You Remember the Original Highway K ?

A Flash From the Past ...

Highway K and Mexico Road in O'Fallon, MO

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