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Forget the Promises & Politics - Let's Look at ALL the Facts and Evaluate for Ourselves!

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Editors Note:

  I'm not into playing the party politics game, but I am interested in getting a fair appraisal of this Healthcare Legislation and I want the facts and viewpoint of all sides before I make my judgement. With this goal in mind, I've asked some of my most knowledgeable aquaintances to jump 'on board' and blog viewpoints and facts to the people. There have been numerous nay-sayers who have posted excellent thoughts on the subject. I felt we needed a pro opinion and start looking for the facts ourselves. 

  I have a brilliant and dear young friend  (33ish) who I can personally attest to her flawless character and integrity. My friend works deep enough within the "system" to see 'the forest through the trees'. As a strong supporter of the new Healthcare Legislation, I asked that she share some of her views with our readers. Keep your comments polite, as she is a wonderful person, and take from the conversation what you may...but remember, whatever she tells you is the facts behind the legislation - something we all agree Americans know little about... 

It begins...

Here's a little something I threw together based on various press releases which you can post on your blog, if you like:

"What’s clear is that, prior to President Obama signing the landmark health care legislation into law, our health insurance system in the United States was simply unsustainable. We simply could not afford it. It simply did not work for enough people in terms of delivery of service and it was bankrupting the country with the upward spiral of increasing medical costs.

The new health care reform law will insure 32 million more people, make it more affordable for the middle class, end insurance company discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, improve care and benefits under Medicare, and extending Medicare’s solvency for almost a decade, creating a healthier America through prevention, through wellness and innovation, create 4 million jobs in the life of the bill and doing all of that by saving the taxpayer $1.3 trillion dollars.

More than 350 organizations, including the AARP, the AMA, the Catholic Health Association and the United Methodist Church, among others, have all rallied around this reform, which shows its widespread support.

It’s time to give this new law a chance, and to put behind us the days when the American people were at the mercy of the health insurance industry with their obscene increases in premiums, their rescinding of policies at the time of illness, their cutting off of policies even if you have been fully paying but become sick. Let the reforms begin!"


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