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Letter to Judge Matthew Thornhill of the St. Charles County - 11th Judicial Circuit Court - Quest to see evidence.

On March 9, 2015, we sent a letter to Judge Matthew Thornhill of the St. Charles County - 11th Judicial Circuit Court - Small Claims Court asking for the evidence he read that constituted his findings of Slander and the issuance of a Cease and Desist Orider in answer to our lawsuit. Prior to sending this letter, we contacted the Judge's office staff three times and asked for any copies of the evidence. We were told we must write a letter.

Justice? You Decide! Jayne Voss-Robinson (Consumer-Plainfiff) vs Wayne Lorenz (General Contractor-Defendant)



I appreciate all the comments left on this story posted under the Latest News section of this newspaper. Perhaps one of the most telling actions of nature and sneakiness of Michael Lorenz, Amy Lorenz and Janet Howard is how they blasted in both hearing about how our home was in disrepair? Um ... dah?? (Speaking in a language they would understand.) We never answered this insult in either hearing, BUT we will answer it now.

Round Two - The Neighbors are Blown Out of Court!

Remember this Guy?
I'm the first to inform people of when I think a public servant is not representing the public in a fair manner. I'm also a person that praises someone when they deserve it.
Please Re-Elect:  St. Charles County Circuit Court
Judge Grant Christian Gorman

"Another Innocent Victim of Wayne Lorenz Files Complaint with BBB"

People have asked ... why do we continue our pursuit of justice with the complaints against Wayne Lorenz, aka Mickey Mouse Builder? The following complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau is one of the three reasons why we continue to keep this issue in the forefront.

Robinson vs Wayne Lorenz - Judge Complaint Transferred for Investigation

It took four months for action from the Missouri Attorney General's Office on how to handle the complaint we filed against St. Charles County Judge Matthew Thornhill.  Judge Thornhill failed to disclose defendant, Wayne Lorenz's evidence used during the hearing, yet used this evidence to find against us after the hearing.

Complaint Filed With Missouri Attorney General's Office Against Judge Matthew Thornhill of St. Charles County - 11th Judicial

We filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's Office against Judge Matthew Thornhill of St. Charles County - 11th Judicial Circuit (Small Claims) in Mid-April. The complaint is under investigation at this time and we are awaiting an answer from the Missouri Attorney General's Office.  The complaint reads as follows:

Breast Cancer Awareness - The Kelly Wampler Steffen Story - First Surgery a Disappointment (continued)

As of January 2015 - Kelly has been diagnosed CANCER FREE!!!!

God Bless !!!


Kelly Wampler Steffen - three days out of surgery ...

Kelly had a double radical mastectomy on May 6, 2014.

I find myself praying to God, continuously asking ... why do bad things happen to good people? I really wish we could get an answer to that question. 



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