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Big News from Crider Center!

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Crider Health Center President and CEO
Planning Retirement in June 2012

Crider’s Sr. Vice President and COO Appointed as Successor

After 33 years of dedication and vision, Dr. Karl Wilson, current President/CEO of Crider Health Center, will be retiring in June 2012. On Thursday, by unanimous vote, the Crider Health Center Board of Directors selected Laura Heebner, current Sr. Vice President/COO to become the next President/CEO effective July 1, 2012.

The Board of Directors has spent the last several months developing and implementing a succession policy that will ensure Crider’s continued growth and success well into the future. During the search process, it became clear that Laura, who is a natural leader and known for her strong commitment to the community and those served by the organization, was the ideal candidate. Joi Niedner, Crider Health Center board member and chair of the succession committee, expressed her belief that, “with Laura’s exceptional business background and extensive knowledge of FQHCs, Crider Health Center can look forward to continued growth and a bright future.”

Laura Heebner has been with Crider Health Center for over 15 years.  She has been the Chief Operating Officer since 1997 and has directly contributed to significant service expansion growing the agency from approximately $5.1 million in annual revenues in 1998 to approximately $22 million today.  Laura is dedicated to service excellence for Crider clients and has a thorough understanding of the mission and vision of the organization. Since becoming COO and Senior Vice President, Laura has provided organizational strategy, operational direction, and outstanding leadership. Upon learning of the Board’s decision, Laura stated, “I am honored to be chosen as the next CEO for Crider Health Center and look forward to building upon the solid organization Karl Wilson created and moving it to the next level of excellence.”

In order to ensure a smooth transition of leadership, Dr. Wilson has announced the appointment of Laura to Associate CEO of Crider Health Center. Laura will assume this new role immediately while continuing her duties as COO for the next year until the leadership transition is complete. Rich Metz, chairman of the Crider Health Center Board shared, “I’m very pleased with the Board approval of Laura Heebner’s new position as Associate CEO/COO and look forward to Laura continuing Crider’s mission in her transition to CEO.” Dr. Wilson added that he is, “delighted with the outcome of the executive search and looks forward to working with Laura during the transition period.” He is confident that, “with Laura’s direction, Crider Health Center will continue to take advantage of opportunities available to us, and continue to grow in our mission.”

About Crider Health Center
Established in 1979, Crider Health Center is a not-for-profit organization that provides mental, primary and dental health services to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured or have an income level at or below poverty.  Crider Center has provided hope to almost half a million children, youth and adults in the St. Charles, Lincoln, Franklin and Warren Counties.  Crider’s vision is Full, Productive, Healthy Lives for Everyone.  To make a donation or for more information on Crider Health Center please visit