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It's NOT About Party Politics Anymore...

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I try to keep my political views to myself nowadays...

No Political Party is Worthy to be Bragged About

but enough is enough!!



I heard a news report today that has absolutely infuriated me!

I watched both debates with an open mind...because I honestly feel that neither party can fix the mess they BOTH have made of our government. This is entirely the voters fault because of the apathy exhibited for so many years on Election Day. Four years ago I predicted that there would be a 'civil war' in the voting booths and sure as heck, there was! Four years is worse than ever and neither party should be proud of what they've done to our government and American people.

The news report today stated that the Obama Camp is trying to blame the Benghazi tragedy and slaughter of our Ambassador Stevens and Navy Seals on HILLARY CLINTON?? I'm not necessarily a fan of Hillary, however who do they think they are kidding??

When the bodies of these slaughtered heroes were returned home, there was a ceremony held and televised in which President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were the speakers. I immediately drew attention to my husband of the very strange body language and attitude of Hillary. When Obama tried to extend a comforting hand, the woman could not have responded any colder. When Obama gave his condolences and bogus promises to the families of the lost heroes, Hillary was looking to the skies to keep from showing tears. I said then...Hubby, something is very much wrong.

And now, here we are today...with a President and Vice President claiming they had no idea that more security was needed AND REPEATEDLY REQUESTED in Benghazi?? Just how far will this Obama camp go to get re-elected?? Where is their consciences and where are their souls???

Additionally, I have lost approximately 40% of my worth over the last four years because of all this slimey bank and stimulus trash. Few can afford to advertise in the small business community so my newspaper is just paying it's bills and waiting for all this 'growth in the economy' that we are told about, but no one is really seeing! I work a second job to assure bills are paid.

Now, according to Obama...I am part of the working class that are TRUE PATRIOTS because I've given up a lifestyle that worked darn hard to obtain. Is that how you pass that harm done to the people off, Mr. President. Do those words help you sleep at night?? Here's a news flash...I was VERY PATRIOTIC before I lost 40% of my worth and I find your statement insulting to the many families that have been buried in debt because of 'policies'.

Well, I'd like to know just how "PATRiOTIC" YOU and your three PRINCESSES are, Mr. President? How much has YOUR family given up? When I hear how much money is spent on the security alone for your three PRINCESSES to travel all around the world for vacations on the taxpayer's dollars, it sickens me! 

I understand that Mrs. Bush had three assistants to help with her 'First Lady' responsibilities. I have read that your PRINCESS has upwards of THIRTY to handle her 'First Lady' affairs! While your PRINCESSES' are abusing the generosity of the taxpayers in this country, do you ever stop to ponder the FACT that children are going to bed hungry at night in the United States of America??  Why didn't you plant their pattoots in the White House and send all those wasted dollars to food pantries in this country?

To add insult to newspaper was forwarded a photo of your PRINCESS' at the Olympics last summer wrapped in swimming towels in the design of the South African flag. (see above) Pardon me, Mr. President...but didn't the American taxpayers pay for that lavish trip too? Couldn't your PRINCESS' find an American flag towel to pose in?

I'm don't believe there is any politician or political party that can fix the mess in Washington simply because the corruption spreads like the Bubonic Plaque. We can't replace all the corrupt elected officials at one time (staggered terms), so the corruption just spreads to the newbies faster than the next election can arrive. Still, I sure hope the American voters send you and your Princess' packing. Perhaps you can run for President of South already have the towels!

God bless the families of the slaughtered heroes of Benghazi...I am so very, very sorry that our government allowed this to happen to your loved ones. The American public greives with you and prays for peace to settle in your hearts...

Hopefully the American public will give you some justice on Election Day.

God Bless America!