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A Tribute to Our "Buddy"

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While some people are out celebrating the Memorial Day weekend, real life still plays center-stage in other's lives. Jayne Voss-Robinson


A good example is this on Memorial Day weekend is my daughter's life.  My daughter Andee and Kyle do not have any human children. The couple has rescue dogs and cats.  My daughter has built her life around these critters, much the same as the way a stay-home Mom builds her life around her children first.  Their hearts  are breaking in two.  They are watching the slow, inevitable death of their dog, Buddy and there is nothing that can be done to save him.  The Vet estimated that Buddy has no more than two weeks to live.

Andee brought Buddy back home from the Vet's office and is spending her weekend doing 'one more time' activities with her longtime pal. Yesterday, Buddy dug out his 'cong' from the cabinet and brought it to Andee.  They played outside with the 'cong'. Today, Andee and Buddy went for a walk in the Indiana Dunes.  Andee sadly explained, "He didn't have the energy that he always had in the past, but we enjoyed it."

Andee thinks that no one 'understands' the depth of her impending loss.  Everyone around her is involved in Memorial Day activities and she is suffering on her own.  Well, this commentary is my tribute to Grand-Dog, Buddy, who is very near and dear to our entire family, and who has served as my daughter's 'protector' for the last ten years.  I never really had to worry about Andee when Buddy was at her side, so Buddy was a VERY good friend to me, too. Actually,  there are many people saddened when they think of losing Buddy. We are even more saddened when we think of Andee and Kyle's sadness and pain.

However, there is a bright light shining far in the distance.

When Buddy finally passes on over the rainbow to paradise and beyond, Andee's father will receive a new best friend - and that friend will be one of the most loyal friends of all - Our Buddy.  And, when our time comes to fly over the rainbow too, we all know that 'that doofy dog' will still be barking,  at the Pearly Gates as we walk through ...

If you have a moment, we could use some prayers through this transition ...