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We Did This To Ourselves!

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Are YOU the Problem?

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Stay focused on the job!

Things are amuck in our government today. 

 There are a significant amount of voters in this country pushing to change the rule of law with the goal of a Socialist government. And, there is a significant amount of "Trumpsters" who wish to drain the swamp and eradicate the evil forces of corruption from the elected leadership at all levels of government.

We wonder how everything has become such a mess.

Well my friends, we did it to ourselves.


Many old-timers have watched this play out numerous times before in local and state government.  In fact, this little newspaper helped overthrow a corrupt city government, that had the group of elected representatives achieved their goals, would be a slum today.

Our elected representatives were busy playing "footsies" with the BIG builders and developers. Together, they were about to tear up the city for some 'pie-in-the-sky" financial and business mega-tropolis, while at the same time President Obama took office. The plans were riddled with cronyism, conflicts of interest, pay-to-play … name it, they tried it.  The builders and developers sat on the Board of Directors for numerous local banks that are no longer here today. The Mayor started his term of office employed as a carpenter. I can still remember congratulating him while he was nailing the stage floor in the new school auditorium. Shortly after taking office, the Mayor became the vice-president of the largest development firm in the area.  He became a millionaire while receiving a $24,000 year salary as Mayor. Do the math!  

The city was faced with the "Obama Years of Terror" with little foundation to stand on. By the time the greedy politicians financially tapped out taxpayers funds, the city earned the title of "The Largest Real Estate Repossession Area in the Midwest" (coined by an established real estate firm, no longer in business). And, of course, the builders filed bankruptcy, the banks disappeared and the housing market in the area all but crashed.


Sound familiar?


25 years ago, we failed our future. Before the reality of what was happening in Washington D.C. hit us, our government representation was elected to office with between 20% -30%  of voter participation in each election. Lobbyists were running the government by paying off the politicians. They were all giving each other awards and commendations and pushing their financial worth to new highs, while the small business owners were going out of business and taxpayers subsequently lost jobs.

Yes, this was our community too.

It was in the process of slowing down the greedy goals by enhancing public awareness of the insanity of those goals of our local leaders, that changes were made through the voting process. Greedy politicians either left office or adapted a new focus with a new mayor.

Had we all paid closer attention to the continuous, well-paced destruction of our federal government, Socialism would have never taken root. It's time we stand tall and proud behind President Trump and 'Drain the Swamp' once and for all!

As stated before … WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES!